Yorkshire Rapper, Peter Sutcliffe Yorkshire Ripper as a Rapper

" Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea-sy now! "

The Yorkshire Rapper

Said well I'm the Yorkshire Rapper
And I like my tripe
I killed a bunch of bitches
Cos they weren't my type

Prossies they all were
Dirty tainted scum
Professors suggested it's cos
I hate me mum

From Halifax to Leeds
With Jack yo don't be messin'
From Anna to Jacqueline
Least they're the one's I'm 'fessin!

Now I got me face,
On the front on the Sun
Me mam's well proud
And I'm having fun

23 bitches and
I'm feeling bad
25 to life but
I must be someone's dad!

Now we're talking Jean
I shouldn't have left that paper!
A five pound note
Come back to haunt me later.

1981 that's when I went down
Ee-by gum I turned me keks right brown!

Saucy Jack. He's a naughty one!
Yo! Saucy Jack. He's a haughty one!
Boom-chack, boo-boom-boom chak-chak!
Boom-chack, boo-boom-boom chak-chak!

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