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Wednesday September 10th 2003 Man mails himself to Texas. A man has shipped himself as air cargo from New York to Texas in a scheme to save money.
Monday September 8th 2003 Music 'instils religious feelings'. People who experience a sense of spirituality in church may be reacting to the extreme bass sound produced by some organ pipes.
Tuesday September 2nd 2003 Banker stole to buy parrots. A financial advisor who stole 2m from customers and used the money to buy rare parrots has been jailed for nine years.
Monday September 1st 2003 US pizza man's death riddle. The FBI is investigating the death of a pizza delivery man who said he had been forced to rob a bank by someone who had strapped a bomb to his chest.
Friday August 22nd 2003 Vietnamese man 'back from dead'. Hospital officials in Vietnam say an elderly man declared dead by doctors has been found alive after spending a night in a hospital morgue.
Thursday August 21st 2003 Earache Brazilian loses more than hearing. A man in Brazil who expected surgery on his ear, mishears his name and ends up with a vasectomy.
Friday August 15th 2003 Sunbather killed by falling car. A holidaymaker sunbathing on a beach has been crushed to death when a motorist reversed her car through a sea wall.
Monday August 4th 2003 Man killed in miniature train crash. A man was fatally injured when a miniature train he was driving collided with a car in Dymchurch, Kent.
Monday August 4th 2003 Thieves steal family's entire home. A family in California were shocked at the extent of a robbery at their country home - the whole house had been taken, including a 10,000 litre water tank.
Monday August 4th 2003 Stones' fans throw drugs onstage - Keith Richards not complaining. Yeah, some of it's pretty good," he tells Q magazine.
Monday August 4th 2003 Power from blood could lead to 'human batteries'. Researchers in Japan are developing a method of drawing power from blood glucose, mimicking the way the body generates energy from food.
Monday August 4th 2003 Suicide by ballpoint? How the pen was almost mightier than the sword. A 44 year old man tried to kill himself by inserting stationery into his brain.
Monday August 4th 2003 Flying jellyfish over Northamptonshire. A man claims to have spotted "2 flying jellyfish" over his home in Daventry, Northants. " They were like two brown jellyfish in the sky, they looked like they were swimming and I had not taken any drugs. "
Monday August 4th 2003 Man Buys second-hand sofa, finds 3 pounds of dynamite down the back of it. The man alerted authorities in the western town of Hagen after finding seven suspicious blocks in the sofa's armrests.
Monday August 4th 2003 Car Crash Reveals Racist Church. A car crash in a town near New Orleans revealed that a building thought to be a home improvement business was actually a white supremacist church, police said on Friday.