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Charles Fort, yesterday. Source: Fortean TimesForteana: Weird things, the Paranormal, UFOs and people being people. That's it in a nutshell really. For us it means long nights wondering what came BEFORE the big bang. Banging our coffee-stinking fists on the Big Guy (TM)'s desk demanding, "Why are we here?". Thinking: if there is intelligent life out there somewhere, why haven't they complained about the endless repeats of Neighbours we keep beaming at them? Questioning the answers we've already been given. Taking nothing at face value and everything with a pinch of salt. That's us. The Questioners. Yes. Still there? Then read on!

Light is the Normal Speed of Stuff in the Universe - Just an idea I had but I'm no physicist so take it with a pinch of salt.

The Orb Project - Here we host some footage and pictures sent to us by Ruckus. He claims the film shows an "orb" of light which interacted with him.

Ancient Mysteries - A series of short articles by Nici describing ancient technology that confounds archaeologists and historians.

Optical Illusions - Over 50 of the best classic and some new illusions.

True Tales of the Paranormal - Nici chronicles some of the strange things that have happened to her over the years...

World of 2atoms - Just a bit of graphical fun here. " Warning, this reality has encountered a fatal Causality Error and will be terminated. Please end any life you have running and save your memory. This dimension will reboot in 10 years.... "

Older Weird Stuff

Is the World Getting Weirder? Tone interviewing Fortean Times editor Bob Rickard, shortly before the magazine's 25th anniversary in 1997. FT is the world's foremost chronicle of weirdness and strangeness.

Weird News - A page of surreal headlines from around the world. Finished before it started really.

Weird Forum - Discuss all things weird and wonderful here!

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