Aerial Maps.
Mediaeval Maps Showing Antarctica and the Americas, Themselves Copied from even OLDER Maps?

Orteus Finaeus mapPiri Reis was a 16th century Turkish admiral who was very interested in cartography. He managed to get his hands on maps by one of Columbus' pilots mainly because he was told that it contained parts of the world Piri Reis was interested in (such as the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea). Another map was by Oronteus Finaeus which showed Antarctica.
The Piri Reis MapIn 1513 he then tried to compile a world map from all the parts he had collected, which proved quite a challenge and it is excusable that the Amazon featured twice on his map and other small mistakes, in the whole it was a success. This map was rediscovered in 1929 in the palace of Topkapu in Istanbul. It was still rolled up in the original gazelle skin. So far so good, but there are things on the map that shouldn't have been. It showed for example the west-coast of Africa, the east-coast of south-America and even more puzzling Antarctica! Not only was Antarctica undiscovered until 1818 but the north coast is drawn in detail and shows the Antarctica landmass before (!) it was covered in ice. Oronteus was believed to have copied the map from an even older source. Bear in mind that Antarctica has been covered in ice for the past 10 Million years... Nici

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