Ancient Mysteries.
Knowledge Before Their Time?

Question MarkHere we are in the 21st century, at the pinnacle of civilisation. Never before has man enjoyed the benefits of so much technology...or has he? Sure, we know that ancient cultures were skilled in the sciences of Mathematics and Astronomy, but they never built cars or computers or had electricity did they? How easy it is to explain elaborate drawings, sculptures or buildings by saying they were all "religious" artifacts? What if they were used for advertising, recreation or plain old fun? Somehow we don't seem to believe that our forefathers had any sense of humour at all and that everything they came up with was serious and linked to religion. Give them a break and look at the few things we have found so far that might change our single tracked minds:

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Ancient Aeroplanes? - South American model aircraft from thousands of years ago?

The Baghdad Battery - Ancient device that produces a 2 volt electrical current.

Aerial Maps - Mediaeval maps showing Antarctica, the Americas and more, that were themselves, copied from even OLDER maps.

Antikythera Mechanism - An accurate mechanical model of the solar system from the Ancient Greeks.

The Iron Pillar of New Delhi - Hundreds of years old yet has refused to rust.

What's the deal with the stairs that lead to nowhere in Cambodia?