Open Sesame.
True Ghost Stories

Photo portrait of Nici. (c) A. C 1998

3: Open Sesame

Date: Spring 1991

Location: Kensington, London (Address known)

Event: Paranormal?

I worked as a live-in Nanny in the house where this incident happened. Maybe it is worth mentioning that this large Victorian terraced house in West Kensington served as a Russian orthodox church before being converted into a family home. It was Monday around noon and I was the only person in the house. As I didn't expect anybody back before 3.00pm and I was still tired from the weekend, I chose to have a little nap. To make sure my boss wouldn’t find me sleeping, I locked the front door and left the keys in the keyhole, so that anybody who wanted to come in had to ring the doorbell. My room was situated on the top floor and I closed the door, placing a stool against it. Sometimes, if there was a draught in the house, my door would open slightly. Having done this, I lay down on the bed. I didn't sleep properly but was in a very relaxed mental state, when I started suddenly at the noise of the doorknob being rattled. I sat immediately upright, thinking my boss had returned. Sure enough the door opened slowly, pushing the stool ahead of it. I shouted "Oh, hang on D., I'm just changing clothes". The door stopped when it was about 30cm open and I hurried downstairs - all the time making excuses to my boss - I was afraid she would be angry with me for being lazy. When I came to the hall I saw my keys were actually still in the door - no-one had entered the house! I checked every window and door in the house for a draught but everything was closed and locked, there was no draught, no wind outside, no post had been put through the post box. Being a little puzzled but more annoyed I remember asking whatever it was that had opened my door to not do so again while I tried to sleep, before heading back to bed.

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