Triangle UFO over Biggleswade.
True Tales of the Extra-Ordinary

Photo portrait of Nici. (c) A. C 1998

2: Triangle over Biggleswade

Date: February 1996

Location: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England

Event: UFO Sighting

It was just before midnight on a Saturday and I was looking out of our south facing bedroom window. Looking up into the sky, I saw a series of variously coloured small lights arranged in a perfect triangle form. In the centre were two large, very bright searchlights. The reason I kept looking was that it didn't look like an aeroplane to me at all. I tried to think it could have been the underside of an airliner but there were no lights where the wings would have been. As a matter of fact there were no blinking lights whatsoever. The other thing that struck me as odd, was the searchlights. I had never seen any that bright underneath an aeroplane and as much as I tried to imagine a form around the triangle, I couldn't make out any wings or anything else. By now I was quite convinced that it was something worth showing to my husband who was in another room. I called him and when he didn't arrive, I quickly ran to get him. This took only a few seconds but when I returned the object had gone.

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