Cigar Shaped Objects near School.
True Tales of the Paranormal

Photo portrait of Nici. (c) A. C 1998

1: Cigar Shaped Objects near School

Date: February 1981

Location: Hanover, Germany

Occurrence: UFO

It was about 9.00 am and I was sitting right next to the window in my classroom. From my position I had a panoramic view, unbroken by any buildings because our school was newly built, on a hill on the edge of town. As I looked out, I could clearly see an object flying towards the school. At that point it was only a dark spot but it caught my attention because it was flying very low. As I kept watching, it approached slowly until it was close enough for me to notice that it was in fact two cigar-shaped objects, flying in tandem. I could also see that they had no wings and no cockpits but they did have tail fins immediately reminiscent of a missile. Their colour was matt black and there was no writing nor marking on them either. The objects were passing by, slowly and very low (about 20m from the ground). Then all of a sudden, they accelerated, made a turn together (again in perfect sync) and disappeared upwards so fast, that I wasn't able to follow them with my eyes anymore.

The whole incident lasted no longer than 10 seconds, during which I was too engaged in the observation to actually call out for others to take a look. I think thatís long enough to determine if itís an aeroplane youíre witnessing or not. Up to this day I haven't found an explanation for what it was I saw. All I know is that they weren't piloted craft because there was no space for a pilot nor a cockpit. I do however have my doubts about them being missiles, considering the time of the year (military tests are restricted to the summer) and close proximity to the city.

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