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A long time ago there was a legend of a monster called Purple Aki. So we made this but only spoke of it in chat rooms. Now is the time for it live again.

What will Bitcoin do next? Bitcoin daily price charts with trend analysis.

Little counter reminding the world: How long since Spurs finished above Arsenal in the league? (How is this still running in 2016?!)

March 17th 2010
The crap website that will not die? 3 million visits, 10 million page views and still it lives? Time for a revamp and even...yes, an update? With REAL content? Watch this space!

November 5th 2007
It's Bonfire Night and to celebrate we have the Purple Peppers Project. If the link between Purple Aki, Brian Peppers, Guy Fawkes and Morrisey isn't already plain, then prepare to be enlightened. As if we weren't shit enough already.

July 29th 2007
Arsenal 2-1 Inter Milan. Pictures from the Emirates Cup.

July 20th 2007
Guess what...? Harry Potter dies!!! Wah ya mean you haven't read the book yet it's been out for, oops. Sorry.

July 18th 2007
Hello! Time for an update I do believe. Not here though. You didn't think I meant...oh sorry. Ahem. Stand by for, what's it all about, Alfieeeeeee?! You'll have to wait and see. Oh it's chips it's chips...

June 18th 2007

December 7th 2006
1 day before Nintendo Wii release day and Game have shat on me. From a great height. Game are Shit!

August 16th 2006
Still here.

May 6th 2006
"You love men." The cleverest people on the internet continue to email me deceptively stupid messages in Feedback.

March 3rd 2006
Yorkshire Rapper - he's done the time, so now it's time to rhyme!

February 6th 2006
Jack Taylor the 55 stone legend has died.

February 3rd 2006
In the interests of free speech, here are the Muhammed Cartoons from Jyllands-Posten.

December 31st 2005
We're proud to unveil the third in our "Build a Better..." series of min-makeovers. Following in the footsteps of Bush and Blair comes Build a Better Fergie - yes it's him - Slur Alex Ferguson.

November 12th 2005
We've passed the million mark! Yes has had over 1,000,000 unique, verified, non-bot, human visitors! Probably about time for some new content then eh? You betcha. Coming soon: tons of Worst of the Web submissions (keep 'em coming), more interviews with people that take themselves too seriously (including a repeat face-to-face with Chelski madman Jose Mourinho) and probably another Build-A-Better-Someone. Soon. Just don't hassle me for a definite date OK?

September 23rd 2005
Get out yer Jesus creepers and praise the lord! I've gone all God-like! Or have I? More munging missives over in Feedback...

August 18th 2005
Light is the Normal Speed of Stuff in the Universe - Just an idea I had but I'm no physicist so take it with a pinch of salt.

July 30th 2005
Lo! How are you all? An enforced broadband break kept us away from our beloved interweb for the last 2 weeks. Suffice to say the only viable updates were by way of the blog. If anyone knows why Blogger is now making the content shift down the page, please get in touch. Oh and verified page views for June were over 220,000. Nice!

July 6th 2005
Congratulations to London on being selected as the venue for the 2012 Olympics. As a Londoner I'm over the moon about this, particularly as it will take place in East London, where I was born. Tough luck to all the other contenders, particularly Paris.

June 25th 2005
Build a Better Blair was featured on Yahoo! UK's Office Attachments page yesterday and hence a record day with over 11,000 visits!

May 25th 2005
Wow! It seems Arsenal have won the FA Cup. Nici and Tone got squashed, beer-soaked and generally all-a-quiver with excitement in the spirit of things. Nici took some piccies on her phone on in the streets around Highbury after the game which I've used in my report of the big day.

May 22nd 2005
Wow! It seems Arsenal have won the FA Cup. Nici and Tone got squashed, beer-soaked and generally all-a-quiver with excitement in the spirit of things. Nici took some piccies on her phone on in the streets around Highbury after the game which I've used in my report of the big day.

May 16th 2005
Well spank my bottom and call me Susan! I'm more excited than a man who's just discovered that fig rolls are on "buy one get one free". It must be because Worst of the Web has returned from the grave. If you've not seen it - take a look. It's been by far the most popular part of the site over the last 2 years.

May 11th 2005
Arsenal 7 - 0  Everton. Oh my god. We just watched the biggest Premiership win of the last 6 seasons and the Gunners were simply magnificent. Man Utd, count the days until the FA Cup Final. Chelsea, enjoy your time as champions. Arsenal FC have not even peaked yet...

May 5th 2005
Well it seems we here in the Britain have another 4 years of lies, council tax and insincere grins. Yes, Blair's still the Prime Minister. Never mind - at least our Build a Better Blair will be topical tomorrow morning...

April 28th 2005
After a lengthy sojourn it's time for some more It Came Through My Letterbox malarkey! Under the doormat and under the spotlight this time is Professor Kedou, African Spiritual Healer.

March 19th 2005
Thanks for all your Worst of the Web submissions - there is a large list of potential classics due for review. Despite pressures of work (yes, work) I promise an update VERY soon.

March 19th 2005
Blimey - traffic is going through the roof lately - a lot of people linking in to Build a Better Bush.

March 6th 2005
Received some nice linkage from and hence over 3,000 visits yesterday. Which was nice.

February 22nd 2005
Produced some interesting statistics for the FIFA 2005 PS2 Leaderboard.

February 7th 2005
Oh it's so nice when people actually agree with us for a change. Once such is "Spill" from the FTMB. Thats not an acronym it's a word. FTMB. Try it, it rhymes with ashtray. So, Spill gets free linkage to his webshite. See - it's easy, we all have our price.

January 31st 2005
People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime? No, don't think that little phrasoid is here because I like it. I've just had it thrown in my face...

January 12th 2005
Ooh is that the time already? Happy new year and all that malarkey. Don't you think this site is too ... fragmented? What's that? Crap you say? Well, yes that goes without saying of course. But I think we ought to give say, Worst of the Web it's own site. Oh and update it once in a while. Yeah, that'd be good.

November 25th
Kudos to this great little app that lets you listen to and mix your own GTA: San Andreas radio stations: Just download, slap your PS2 game disc in your PC and you have access to all of the game's tracks and radio speech.

November 11th
Blimey what a gap. Well we're back down in the old smoke again (that's London Town to you guvnor) and set up with net access once more courtesy of Bulldog. A bagful of Worst of the Web updates loom, bolstered by a bumper crop of your suggestions - do keep them coming in please! In the interim we've seen Arsenal's unbeaten record ended, Bush cement a second term in office but more importantly, Quincy the Guinea Pig is alive and well not put down because of his molar problems. Enough of that, just a quick missive to let you all know we're alive. TTFN!

August 30th
Bored, so I decided to work out who really won the Olympics based on medals per capita. You might be surprised at the results.

August 13th
"...has it ever occurred to you that to access your website people can type in 'crap websites' on a search engine, and yours comes right up?" Yes it's another angry reader over in Feedback.

August 9th
The next part of Nici's guide to ancient knowledge is available and looks at the possibility that aircraft were invented long before either the Wright brothers or Leonardo da Vinci. Read it.

July 18th
Now publishing the details of all avenged leechers so those who steal files - beware...

July 17th
We are now looking to deal direct with potential advertisers. Full details.

July 16th
Added a full Magic: The Gathering Card List.

August 9th 2004. The next part of Nici's guide to ancient knowledge is available and looks at the possibility that aircraft were invented long before either the Wright brothers or Leonardo da Vinci. Read it.

July 20th 2004. My second show on CMP Radio will be broadcast at 7:00 this morning, that's 8:00 in Europe and 2:00 on the East Coast of the US. Today's show is The Alternative 90s Mix, featuring tracks by Mansun, Elastica, Tricky, Primal Scream and more. It will be repeated at the same time on Friday July 23rd. More details.

July 18th 2004. Now publishing the details of all avenged leechers so those who steal files - beware...

July 17th 2004. We are now looking to deal direct with potential advertisers. Full details.

July 16th 2004. Magic: The Gathering Card List added.

July 13th 2004. This morning saw my first slot on CMP Radio, which is an online radio station giving virtually anyone a chance to present their own show. Tone's Morning Moshfest was broadcast live at 0800 BST. Full details of the show can be found here.

April 24th 2004

Champions! Congratulations to Arsenal FC for winning their 13th league title today!

March 24th 2004

OK stop hassling us - we're doing it alright? What with the carrot of  Google AdSense eligibility hanging in front of our noses we're working on the site RIGHT NOW OK? Lord knows we deserve a little moola for our efforts. So go ahead and crack that whip a little harder why don't you?

March 5th 2004

Site overhaul now in progress. Out with the slapdash design and in with a simpler, less-cluttered layout. Apologies in advance for any 'wonky' bits while we improve. Also, we've been getting over 700 visits for each of the last 3 days and steadily increasing, so it looks like it's just in time. Thanks to everyone who's taken time to write in, no matter what the subject. See you after the re-design!

February 19th 2004

Hello again it's me, Tone, your lovable host. How you doing? It seems there are some very stupid people out there in InterwebLand ("No you don't say!"). People that included 250KB images on some mindless forum that then gets viewed 1,000 times in a day stealing 250MB of bandwidth in a day and don't think we'd notice. People that use a 640x480 JPG hosted on this site as an avatar for yet another mindless forum. So that every time somebody reads a post by said individual, has to serve up a 30KB image. Then there's the newbie leecher, stealing content for the first time, hot-linking massive images totaling 1MB AND stealing the accompanying text  as well. How can I tell they're newbie leechers? Easy. When I email them and warn them that if they don't stop hot-linking our files I will take action and they will be severely embarrassed by that action they do nothing. Squat. So after I replace one of the hot-linked images with another of a, shall-we-say, pornographic nature, said hot-linker doesn't notice and continues to be proud of their trite single-page free "website" on Xanga. Such as this one. Take a look:  Tone

On another note (C# perhaps or a nice D), some more Worst of the Web reader submissions have arrived - hoorah!

February 12th 2004

Busy, busy, busy! I guess the site re-vamp should be done in time for our first anniversary. Valentine's Day eh? What a load of bollocks that is. I mean don't get me wrong - I've done some terribly romantic deeds in my time but all this overt faux-romanticism makes my stomach turn. Sheep, the lot a ya's...

February 10th 2004

Yesterday had its 100,000th visitor in less than a year! Nice.

January 11th 2004

OK, OK, I know this site is a God-damn mess! But what with time being a constraint and everything it is and always will be "content first and design later". Content Management software is a no-no because I find that it tends to be an excuse for sites with NO content strangely enough. When I can scrape  together some free time away from making a living sitting at this computer all day I'll...spend some more time sitting at this computer all day but fixing the design ;) Tone

December 31st 2003

Time for one last piece of feedback before the old man pops round the back with his piece of coal what eh? This gem is from "Josef" and he seems to be highly-skilled in the sarcastic art...not!

December 18th 2003

Sign the David "Rocky" Rocastle Testemonial Petition. Tone

November 28th 2003

Added a new version of the Crazy Spinning Circles optical illusion - wow! Tone

November 22nd 2003

Erm, it seems England have won the Rugby World Cup. For those of you unacquainted with Rugby, it's American Football without the body armour. Some people are saying this is as important as England winning the Football World Cup in 1966. For those of you unacquainted with Football, it's American Football with a round ball and not a pointy one. And without the body armour of course. And you can't pick up the ball, you just use your feet. Except the Goalkeeper. And goals are rarer.

November 20th 2003

Blog update, today's topic: When sport marches into history - a Shining Sporting Memory from 1989, Liverpool 0 - 2 Arsenal.

November 19th 2003

Received an interesting email from Charles T. Low regarding the "Impossible Triangle" illusion in our Weird section. To reveal what he says would be to give the secret of the illusion away, but maybe you're smart enough to figure it out for yourself? Tone

October 30th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: MADGE, remote-control bladders and women in Serie A. Tone

October 28th 2003

Worst of the Web has a new review! Take a peek into the world of flash fiction with Hugh Cook and

October 26th 2003

News: 50,000 unique visits to! That's right, this morning we welcomed our 50,000th visitor  since our rebirth in March. Thanks for all your visits, comments and submissions - keep 'em coming!

October 24th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Microsoft's leak-proof emails and Tony mashes the car.

Feedback has some nice mail for a change. Ooh I know we've been bad with the updates lately - you have permission to virtually spank us with a cat-o-nine-tails. Been very busy in the shop - got to earn a living somehow you know?

Play Section has a new game added: Celebrity Shoot. Launch famous heads at famous targets and if you miss then you get a funny animation. Oh look, just see for yourself OK?

October 19th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: One-word review of Nokia's N-GAGE.

October 18th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Banksy and guerilla art.

October 15th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Arsenal top Fair Play League.

October 14th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Laser-powered planes!

October 10th 2003

Blog update, today's topics:'s IQ test.

October 8th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Safeway's useless savers.

October 6th 2003

Blog update, today's topics: Male contraception.

October 2nd 2003

Stats page for September available It was a very busy month for lil' old 2atoms!

September 24th 2003

Presenting a new legend amongst felines. Is it a cat? Is it a bag? No it's StuporCat!

More Worst of the Web for your perverse delectation, this time the site in our sights is ... the City Wrestling Federation!

September 17th 2003

Currently making section menus that sit on the right-hand side of the page. Please report any errors you encounter via the contact page - thanks. Tone

September 17th 2003

New Chat Room. Finally got rid of that manky old java chat and installed phpMyChat. Nici and I may put in an appearance at weekends.

September 11th 2003

In Memoriam. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who passed away on that fateful day 2 years ago.

September 5th 2003

Partner Websites Needed. Do you run a similar website to 2atoms or at least one of our sections? We are looking for established or up-and-coming sites to trade banners and links with. We can offer 30,000 banner impressions per month and would expect a similar amount.

September 3rd 2003

Putting the Boot In. Is it time to think again for the Premiership's angry mob?

August 31st 2003

Manchester City 1 - 2 Arsenal. Ljungberg saves Lauren's blushes as the Gunners 100% record continues, read our match report by Al.

August 29th 2003

Well, the Worst of the Web section seems to be getting very popular of late, so I reckon it's due an update. Today's addition is WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm).

August 19th 2003

David Blaine announced his latest stunt today, to be brutally murdered with a machete, his body burned and blasted into outer space, there to be toasted by gamma radiation for 3 weeks, to be returned to earth through free fall, landing head first onto a spike atop Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London. " The only restrictions on our capacity to astonish ourselves and each other are imposed by our own minds " says David.

The innovative, if not slightly unhinged magician is still recovering from his last trick in which he slammed the front door on his big toe, really really hard, over 100 times an hour for 48 hours.

If he survives what is his first stunt outside of his native USA, David plans an even more spectacular marvel to round off the year. He plans to dig to the centre of the earth's core using only his fingernails and there to lay on the inner molten core for 2 years whilst Al-Qaeda terrorists fly planes into his face, singing very bad renditions of all of Boyzone's greatest hits. Commenting on this somewhat dangerous plan, David had this to say:

" I am indestructible, do you not realise this by now puny Earthlings? What does it take for me to prove my worthiness to you?! Bow down before me and worship your one true God. "

August 17th 2003

Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton match report by ArsenalPants.

August 15th 2003

Premiership Season Previewed.

August 14th 2003

Power cuts hit North America. Several US and Canadian cities have been hit by power outages simultaneously. More...

August 14th 2003

Sorry about the lack of updates in the last week, but we've been moving house. We're all done now, the site's still up and hey - we've reached 20,000 unique visits. Not bad for 5 months.

August 4th 2003

Weird News Section Launched - Bringing you the latest offbeat news headlines from around the world.

July 31st 2003

Test Your Rock Knowledge with the First 2atoms Rock Quiz! 53KB / MS Excel Format. Your score to beat is: 70% (Dev). Version 1.02.

July 29th 2003

Nintendo Gamecube Font Available for Download.

July 28th 2003

No More Signings for Wenger.

July 28th 2003

More Amazing Optical Illusions Added including the best illusion I have ever seen!

July 26th 2003

Lehmann Signs for Arsenal.

July 25th 2003

The Star Wars Kid shows off his flash Darth Maul moves. Cringe with embarrassment. The full video.

July 25th 2003

Chuckchippie news.

July 21st 2003

David Beckham Joke added for no real reason to Arsenal section.

July 21st 2003

OutRun 2 Arcade Game Announced. Stop Press! There is going to be an OutRun 2 arcade game. SEGA, bless your gaming heart!

July 11th 2003

Lil' Miss Information tells you all you need to know about, like, America.

July 10th 2003

Blog up! Yay - another outlet for Tone's demented rants. A weblog is an online journal, in case you didn't know.

July 4th 2003

Lil' Miss Information tells you all you need to know about, like, Science. By Nici.

June 25th 2003

Magic Moron of the week is: chuckchippie. " Chuck says, if losing - offer to adjourn the game! ". Nice one chippie...

June 16th 2003

Retro Games Shop Open! - The 2 Atoms Retro Emporium has opened at Dealing in classic, retro and hard to find games, console and computers. We also do mobile phone accessories. No, seriously. That's not very retro is it?

Optical Illusions Section Launched - Some interesting images to get your mind working.

June 1st 2003.

Video Games ARE Good for You - Claims a study in American science journal Nature! I cannot believe there are STILL people out there who believe that computer games are a "Bad Thing" and that all gamers are geeks. Part of the reason for the explosion in the games industry in the last decade has been the demystifying of computer games and the production of titles for the mainstream - ordinary, sociable kids and young adults.

Of course using your reflexes, survival instincts and initiative in a virtual world improves those skills in the real world, in the same way that working out in a gym makes you fitter to cope with life's physical strains.

I have to add one bad point though. My driving (in the real world that is) has definitely taken a turn for the worse recently since playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for a whole week...

Published on BBC Talking Point / 29th May 2003.

A Brainless Bint, Yesterday... " Big Brother is here again and we, like the whole nation will be glued to our screens watching 12 nobodies fart, argue and sleep. We find Big Brother a fascinating cultural phenomenon and will be following every minute of it on E4. NOT! " 23rd May 2003.

The 2atoms Magic Online Suicide Challenge -  How fast can you lose a game of Magic? No conceding - just damage...?

2 Stupid Cats - Who Are They Calling Stupid? - Friday Cartoon, just a quickie as Nici has been very busy this week. 23rd May 2003.

PinWheel - An amazing optical illusion! 21st May 2003.

Sesame Street Breaks Iraqi POWs - BBC news reports that the US are using "culturally offensive" music to break down the will of captured Iraqi prisoners of war. Top tracks allegedly, are Metallica's "Enter_the Sandman" and the Sesame_Street_Theme Tune... 20th May 2003.

Ancient Mysteries -  A brand new series of articles by Nici, looking at ancient technology that confounds archaeologists and historians. 19th May 2003.

Mario Kart Double Dash Video Clip - Unveiled by Nintendo at E3. 19th May 2003.

Arsenal Win FA Cup! The Gunners have won their second successive FA Cup by beating Southampton 1-0 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Full match report, pictures and video to follow. 17th May 2003.

Busiest Day Yet for 2atoms. Friday was very busy indeed with a tally of 385 unique visits to the site, our highest total since we started in March! 17th May 2003.

"When Plumbers Change Careers" Psychiatrist. (c) Cs 2003, www.2atoms.comWhen Plumbers Change Career. Oooh, it's gonna cost ya... Today's Friday Cartoon. 16th May 2003.

Magnetic North is the latest addition to Worst of the Web. A trendier, slicker, unfriendlier website you will not find... 16th May 2003.

Idiots Screw Up - More Idiots Fooled. Microsoft had planned an April Fool joke with a fake product announcement in the form of the I-Loo, that is, a toilet with internet access. The announcement via MSN, came in late April, which obviously lent the joke more credence. So it seems that more were fooled than originally planned. I mean come on people - one wall of the I-Loo was going to be transparent, could nobody see through this whole thing? Special Reserve fell for it hook, line and sinker... 15th May 2003.

"Victorian Drug Dealers" (c) Cs 2003, www.2atoms.comVictorian Drug Dealers. Tch. Those crazy Victorians eh? Everything good and wholesome in the world (sex, fun, freedom) was frowned upon while we plundered countries for their wealth and prescribed each other class A drugs for a headache. Tch. 12th May 2003.
Friendo the Cat...!Friendo - This little fella has been paying me random visits and keeping me company in my post-Chicken days. Haven't got a clue what his name is or who owns him. So I just call him um, Friendo... 9th May 2003, Tone.

GameBoy and GameCube Get Goodies. Nintendo of Japan unveil 2 new devices. Also, exclusive Metal Gear Solid game announced for GameCube. May 8th 2003.

Magic: The Gathering Card Pop-Ups added. More fun than casting Boomerang on a Thorn Elemental! May 7th 2003.  For over 20 years now, Usenet has been a means whereby people can post to and respond to others' views, electronically on a level playing field. This works wonderfully. There are 10s of thousands of newsgroups on every conceivable subject. However some corners of Usenet still seem to be akin to backward virtual villages, in the likes of which, daring to show one's face will elicit a "You're not from round here are you?" response at best. There is an almost infinite amount of crap on the Internet and between us we've seen it all (we should know, a lot of it is here at 2atoms). But without doubt the least desirable, the most spiritually-retarded, single place which is the antithesis of free speech is May 7th 2003.

BBC Drop Nozzer Origin Hints. The BBC in their infinite wisdom have picked up on our Ruud van Nozzleboy fascination and are themselves, beginning to allude to the equine origins of the Man Utd workhorse. May 6th 2003.

Feedback page added to show your emails. Some fun to be had here... May 2nd 2003.

Spot the Difference? More obsession with the similarities between Ruud van Nistelrooy and the common horse. May 2nd 2003.

Click for larger viewI think I should go home now..." added to the "funny" pictures gallery, (c) May 1st 2003.

5,000th visitor for! Even though the site is just 7 weeks old we have reached 5,000 unique visits. Thanks to everyone who has had an interest in the site, from those who merely pass through, to those who have offered moral and practical support. Alan Spring - you're top of the list - thanks mate ;) Thanks also go to Dev for finding stuff funny, Nici (A.K.A. Dingo) for her eternal love and understanding, not to mention the art and writing she does for us, and all who sent in corrections and dead link reports. Thanks even to those whose asinine comments have both entertained and infuriated. We love you all - it's all grist to the mill... will surely grow into something splendid. After the revamp that is currently happening, will spawn another site covering the harsher side of Comedy at Even though 2atoms is a mere babe-in-arms, a lot of the ideas have been in utero for years if not decades. Sit back and enjoy the ride, things can only get better. May 1st 2003.

Xara 3D Heading Maker - Create stunning 3D headers. April 28th 2003.

Mario Kart: Double Dash Screenshots - See the latest incarnation of the greatest racing game ever. April 27th 2003.

The Young Grand Canyon - Growing up, it happens to us all. Yes even the universe was young once. We start a new series of cartoons entitled, "When They Were Young". April 25th 2003.

Taggart Gets Imperial - "Oh aye I'm a great admirer of all them Roman emperors", the alcoholic Manchester United manager tells us. April 24th 2003.

Edmund Trebus in Heaven - Follow the adventures of the nation's favourite dead scruff in our latest cartoon. April 22nd 2003.

Gamecube Mario Kart is ready say Nintendo! April 17th 2003.

Links added by the hundred. April 16th 2003.

Pavel Srneck - Pavel like, lady, picture, Internet! April 15th 2003.

Football is Lil' Miss Information's topic of enlightentment this week. April 15th 2003.

Seaman's Save against Sheffield United. Was it the save of the century? Watch it again and again. April 14th 2003.

Quick Poll - Is the Nintendo Gamecube Dead: Yes / No? April 14th 2003. Voting Over, results: 56% say: "Yes".

Search is back, courtesy of Google. April 13th 2003.

Dave and Kev - Honest Builders - Rough radio sketch ideas for a couple of new characters. April 11th 2003.

Car Wars sees the return of Vicky Flint Stupid Bint in today's Friday Cartoon. April 11th 2003.

The Internet is Lil' Miss Information's first in-depth study. April 9th 2003.

Saddam Hussein's Statue Toppled in Baghdad. See a video clip of this historic moment. April 9th 2003.

Bend Over Bin Laden - Play our latest fun Shockwave game. Frag the itinerant Al-qaeda leader for yourself! April 9th 2003.

Forum Opens - Express yourself on a number of different subjects, or just read the latest posts. A guaranteed "Troll Free Zone!" April 8th 2003.

Holzenkekse is the delicious new snack from 2 Atoms Industries, marketed by CultOfCrap. Have you tried them yet? All waste - no taste! April 8th 2003.

Punk Kittens - Surely you must have seen this animation by now? You haven't? April 8th 2003.

Movie Clips - A few bits of video to make you laff. March 21st 2003.

 The Man With the Child in his Eyes - Friday cartoon. March 21st 2003.

Digital Photos Shared - Some random snaps. March 20th 2003.

Zelda: Wind Waker - Extensive preview of the latest Zelda adventure for Nintendo Gamecube with 3 video clips, and over 100 screenshots and pieces of artwork! March 19th 2003.

Sammy B's Interweb - Various outdated and unfunny crap about Osama bin Laden. March 19th 2003.

Your Mum Owes Me Money - Another local work of art reviewed. March 19th 2003.

100 Classic Gaming Links - A ton of top classic gaming sites! March 14th 2003.

Shall we go Dutch? - Friday cartoon. March 14th 2003.

2atoms Launches! - 3atoms is dead, long live 2atoms! March 13th 2003.

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