Goodbye FeaturePrice, hello ServerFly!

3atoms is Dead, Long Live 2atoms!

13th March 2003

FeaturePrice (a.k.a. Hosting-Network) are without doubt the worst, the shoddiest, the dodgiest, the shadiest, the stupidest, unworthiest company, that I have ever had the misfortune to do business with. I could write this message on the moon in 100 mile high neon letters and it wouldn't begin to convey my utter contempt for this company.

I theorise that FeaturePrice are not a company in the normal sense of the word at all. They are an experiment, dreamt up by a mad, eccentric billionaire, to see how far a company can go, how much they can take the piss, how downright BAD a company can be run and still make money. How contemptuously a business can treat its customers and yet still retain them as customers through sheer arrogance and fraudulence. Well, in the land of the free it seems FeaturePrice has become that benchmark.

Maybe FeaturePrice is a pet project of Bill Gates, or Michael Jackson, or maybe Genghis Khan with accountants. Although upon reflection, I must discount the first option as Microsoft seem to have already fulfilled most of the criteria for this vile experiment...

After 2 weeks of banging my head against a virtual wall trying to get a single meaningful answer out of those inept, under-trained, deliberately unhelpful b*stards at FeaturePrice I have decided to abandon all attempts at communicating with them. Henceforth my secondary mission in life shall be to warn others against the cretinous sham of a company that is FeaturePrice. At least until I get bored, or the company folds, whichever comes first.

I will not regal you with the details of my sorry tale just yet, as it is all too sore and recent to relive, but rest assured the details will come and with transcripts of conversations that you will simply not believe!

Signing off for now, take care of yourself, and each other, and DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH FEATUREPRICE.COM A.K.A. HOSTING-NETWORK!


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