Tone's Personal Web Server.
Coming Again Soon - Stay Tuned.

Server Status: Down Until Further Notice - Announcements Will Be Made Via the Usual Channels

These IP Addresses Have Sent Excessive Requests:
* (An NTL customer in Nottingham)
* (An NTL customer in Greenock, Renfrew)

Code Red Attempt: (China)

Nimda Attempts: (A Wanadoo customer in France) (A Deutsche Telekom customer in Germany) (A Tele-Denmark customer) (A Retevision customer in Barcelona) (An NTL customer in Coventry) (An NTL customer in Dunstable)

Stats for Date's 16th thru 19th.
Totals in (parentheses) exclude 2 users marked with * above.

Data Served: 7.652 GB (5.318 GB)

File Requests (Hits): 31,581 (2,852)

Unique Visitors: 168

Unique Visits: c.250

People, this is a personal web server, hosting on my humble PC with a measly 256kbps upstream. That means, no GetRight, no GoZilla, no site-leeching programs. One download at a time and no automated downloads. It just ruins it for everyone else. If I can be magnanimous enough to give you unrestricted access to my stuff, then you can be civilised enough to follow these rules or be blocked.