Neighbours from Hell.
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Hell is Other People

We've lived in some places alright. About 15 at the last count, and that's just since we met in 1991. Now, we're not petty people, although at times some of the things we write about might make us seem so. But this is one subject I know we'll get a lot of sympathy on, so let's tell you our "colourful" neighbours stories and hey - you can even share yours with us on the Forum too.

Harry the B*stard - Missing Link Found Alive and Well and Living Next Door.

The Biggleswade Burglar Tonight...Biggleswade Burglar and his Remote Control Car

There's this complete burglar living opposite us, who has taken it upon himself to entertain us with his remote control racing car antics at 20 past midnight tonight! He has been racing this pathetic little (but noisy as hell) toy car up and down the car park in between our houses every day and every night for the past week no matter how late it is...

I will have to dedicate a whole page to him...

We Want to Hear Your Tales of Neighbourly Woe, so tell us!

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