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Biggleswade's Budding Street Art Scene

March 19th 2003

"Your Mum Owes Me Money" (2003), Unknown, Silver Spray Paint on Tarmac PathwayNo sooner had I published my first review "Chopper is King Scrawler", than this absolutely captivating piece appeared virtually on my own doorstep! Rendered in trendy metallic spray paint upon bare tarmac, the message strikes deep into the viewer's heart. The author apparently challenges us for capital  which he or she believes is owed, although whether it is for goods or services, is not mentioned. Instantly the reader is forced to consider the validity of this statement. Whose Mum? How much money? Do they mean me? A hurricane of confusion and emotion follow as self-doubt and financial concerns collide. I couldn't help myself glancing over my shoulder, half-expecting to catch the artist concealed in a nearby bush, or peering around a nearby corner. But of course, there was no-one there. It was all part of the illusion created by this piece, this masterpiece - "Your Mum Owes Me Money".

Location: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. (2 Trains an hour from London King's Cross).
Exit train station to your right, then proceed right. Alfresco is located approx. 400 yds along the cycle path/ pathway.
Viewing Hours: Any time you like mate. Although you'll have to be quite late at night as it's near someone's bedroom.
Entrance Fee: Free, although donations are welcome - just leave them with the bloke at number 20.


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Have you discovered local art in your town? Perhaps an outstanding graffiti on a garage wall, or inspiring comments on a lavatory door. Maybe you can identify the mysterious Chopper? Whatever your local art, send it in to us and we'll showcase it here.