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Personal Contents...

Arsenal Football Club - See pictures and read a report of the second of Arsenal's 3 FA Cup and Premiership doubles. Other match reports added here too.

Digital Camera Snaps - Various photos uploaded as and when...

Nasty Neighbours - Harry the B*stard and the Biggleswade Burglar.

News - Various bits about us, life, the universe, everything...

Gallery - A few dozen paintings, sketches and photographs.

Local Art - Biggleswade's "Chopper is King Scrawler" and "Your Mum Owes Me Money".

Quincy Falfaboi Poopas - Our feisty guinea pig. And a

Visits - Out and about with friends and family.

About Us - Who the Hell are We anyway?

Brighton - Transcript of a piece I did for radio in 1998.

Chickens the Cat - The late one, great one, made her mark on the web.

Early Days - When 2atoms was called Insomnia, and we liked frames, oh God yes we loved frames.

Hosted Sites

Personal Web Server - Status, stats, and next uptime for my own web server.

Relaunch  - 3atoms is dead, long live 2atoms! A harsh lesson in business courtesy of Featureprice.

Webcam and Chat Room - This is where we greet our guests online.

Latest Personal News

Happy Birthday honorary member Alan - who insists he is not a day over 35... June 25th 2003.

Magic Online Adept Scandal - Adepts Gamma and Meldrak slated. Tone has enough, uninstalls MTGO, regains "life". June 19th 2003.

Little Kitty Pics...New Arrival! Picked up our little kitten today. First pics and a video online... June 6th 2003.

Seaman Leaves Arsenal! Highbury legend moves to Manchester City. June 4th 2003.

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