The Early Days.
When 2atoms was Insomnia

April 1998

Insomnia logo (tiny) (c). A. C 1998 was started in April 1998. Initially located on the ituser server of University of Brighton’s IT faculty and mirrored on Fortune City, it was the forerunner to It is collated,  written, coded and designed by myself (Tony) and  painted, drawn and contributed to by Nici. We will consider publishing external work -  if you've written anything which you feel suits our style then by all means let us know.

Putting together a website for the first time is always a triumph of ideas over ability and eagerness over technical competence. This is not our first attempt and will not be our last. We see a lot of websites and know what we like and what we don't like. Single theme websites are narrow and restricted. Many websites are authored by technically cognoscent computer users or just plain nerds. As the WorldWide Web expands to even greater proportions, and becomes accessible to everyone, we will see a great many sites written by and for those with no interest in computers. We think this will be a good thing, because although standards are good, there should be no boundaries when it comes to content and aesthetics - the web is big enough for EVERYONE to have their say, and to say it how they want.

So this is a pot-pourri of all that interests us in life and if any of it pleases you then that pleases us, but if not - well never mind, there are billions more pages out there on the web...

Insomnia logo (small) (c). A. C 1998

The Members

April 1998

Well we're both mature (yeah right!) students 2 years into our respective degree courses. I (Tony) am studying BA (Hons) in Information and Media Studies at the University of Brighton (hello all). It's not too hot on the practical side of things if you're looking for a career in media, then again it doesn't sell itself as a pure media course. Its forte however is the technology side. The faculty has an excellent selection of computers, both Mac and PC, and you are taught to think about the social impact of technology from various perspectives.

Nici is studying Neuroscience at Sussex University. Neuroscience is a field of study that is breaking new ground all the time. Whereas Psychology is the study of the mind, of the brain's software if you like, Neuroscience is the study of the brain as hardware and its interface with the mind. Firmware would be a better term for it I suppose. Sussex is one of  the few universities in Europe currently offering a pure Neuroscience course. Nici is particularly interested in the mental problems of the criminally deranged - which is probably why she married me.

Lastly, but by no means least, is Chickens the Cat. She is an equal member of this family and if anybody ever forgets to say hello to her or even (God forbid!) call her simply  "the cat", they soon learn never to make the same mistake again.

Addendum January 2003 - R.I.P. Baby :(