Black and White Cat Pictures and Sounds

Chickens the Cat R.I.P. (c) A. C 1998 For a cat, half man, half monkey, the world can be a fascinating place...  

" Eh-oh-eh. Welcome to ma house page. Aah wood like to say aah carn type very well and ahím sorry for that. I fink aah should get my mummy or my daddy to help me. Hang on... " 

...Oh great, thatís better. Thanks daddy. We can get this done much quicker with you typing, my little paws keep hitting the wrong keys, or five instead of 1. Well this is my first bit what I have to write for my mummy and daddyís house page. Oh sorry, home page. I donít really understand about these box things they call computers but my daddyís going to give me some ham if I write this so thatís why Iím doing it. Well those of you that really know us cats will know that life is very different for us than for you youmans, and so we might seem to speak a bit funny to you, but thatís the way we talk so youíre gonna have to put up with it alright? That's how I talk that is. Oh and by the way. I was saying eh-oh-eh long before them stoopid Teletubbie idiots, so they can just about stop talking like me - OK!?

Hear me talk:

Right, well this month Iím gonna tell you about my house and the other cats that live in my street. The other cats think itís their street but they're stoopid and they donít know and I donít like them and - eh- what the hell was I talking about?

Update: Oh well, so much for trying to get our cat on the web...