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May 6th 2003

Even the BBC agree with us on this one. Quote from

" Pleash Mishter Taggart? "
" Van Nistelrooy has epitomised United's hunger this season "

May 2nd 2003

Did you see that picture of Nozzer during the Tottenham game? My God the man is now a fully paid up member of the equus asinus if you ask me:

A Donkey, yesterday. "Fooking 'ell that's right scary when you do that Ruud..."

Spot the Difference...

A Donkey, yesterday.

Updated: May 7th 2003. Thanks to Keith Burtons (hehe) for this much better donkey pic than the old one. Why not contribute something yourself? We're always glad to receive mail.

April 26th 2003

Well sod that, I think it's all over now don't you?

April 24th 2003

Ruud Van Nostril Boy (c) Dutch Equine Association 2003Taggart announced today that his invasion of Europe was almost complete and that losing to Real Madrid was in fact part of his grand plan.

"Oh aye I'm a great admirer of all them Roman emperors", the alcoholic Manchester United manager told us.

"Especially that Caligula. De ye know he married a horsey (hic). Aye he did - straight up! Can ye imagine that eh Jamesy - a wee horsey (hic). Or made him a priest. Or summat. Anyway I reckon he knew what he was doing so he did..."

Which probably explains why heavy metal schoolboy-hairstyled Ruud Van Nozzleboy (pop-up) is becoming strangely more equine as the days go on...


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