10 Man Arsenal Hold Off Everton.
A Sticky End Avoided against the Toffees...

Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton

August 16th 2003

Match report submitted by ArsenalPants.

Well, the new season is with us and after all the hype of the last two months, personally I fell asleep with all the news about Russians and Beckham but I do think the best signings of the close season were Vieira, Pires and Henry. I didn't think they would ever come and play for THE ARSENAL, oh silly me!

I met my brother out side the ground about half hour before kick off and went in for a quick beer. We made our way up to our seats to see all the old faces and chat about what might happen in the new season. Arsenal's line didn't have any surprises, except for Wiltord instead of Bergkamp. The atmosphere in the ground was good, all the new tops and sunshine make the first game that little bit special. Well, the game was boiling along nicely, with Everton perhaps shading things without really getting near the Arsenal goal, when out came Sol's leg and over went Graveson, sending off, yes, I think so! I said to my brother that we would now win. I know there is a lot said about Arsenal's amount of sendings-off and yes, the bans after are a pain in the Arsenal but I reckon us Arsenal fans really do enjoy it when it happens, how many times do we get a result, remember the double in 98. Well, back to the game, Keown on for Wiltord and yes Arsenal seem to start passing the ball about better. 35 mins, Freddie over the top to Henry, Henry tries to flick it over Stubbs, when out comes the elbow, penalty, yes it was, I've seen it on telly! Henry steps up straight down the middle, Wright goes wrong way, 1-0 Arsenal. Then just as the half is coming to an end Henry puts Gilberto away, one on one and yes, he trips over his own feet and so it stays 1-0.

Second half Arsenal again looking like they have the extra man take the game to Everton. Vieira puts header wide from a corner, then on 58 mins Vieira again tries to find a way through, shot charged down, ball runs to Pires, finds Henry who lets fly with a 20-yarder, Wright stops, ball runs to Vieira, another shot stopped but Pires is there, 2-0. This ten men thing really is good fun. Well, Arsenal aren't finished, another Vieira chance, hold up a mo, I just done a little bit of counting and I'm no Carol Vorderman but I reckon Vieira could have had 3 by now. Then Freddie hits the bar with a free kick after Henry brought down but same old Arsenal they have to worry the S#+T out of us and let Everton back in with a Radzinski goal, 2-1. Then that Chinese fella or is it Japanese fella, I'm not sure, gets sent of for a second booking, after a trip on Parlour and the game runs down to a deserved win for THE ARSENAL. Oh, I forgot to mention that Rooney came on for Chadwick but he just got booked and us naughty Arsenal fans sang songs about him being fat, I bet we all get a 3 game ban after that, Sky are going to show the crowd chanting over and over and over again. Well, that just wouldn't happen up at the Manc's ground, wouldn't hear them anyway!

Anyway enough from me except to say that i just had a look at the News of the world back page and it said SAME OLD ARSENAL! Well, I agree, down to 10 men = Arsenal win. You can't get more SAME OLD ARSENAL than that can you!

ArsenalPants (Nick Warner).

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