Cheap Web Hosting on Reliable Servers?

Try Our Recommended Hosts: A2 Hosting is hosted on fast, reliable servers at A2 Hosting. Recent upgrades mean our website is served to you FASTER and more RELIABLY than before. I don't stick my neck out for companies that aren't worthy, so don't take it lightly when I say: "I have no hesitation in recommending A2 Hosting as web hosts in the US! "

Maybe it's a British thing (yes we're from this side of the pond), but we expect quality service, not just cheap prices. If we feel we aren't getting that service, we take our money elsewhere.

But I'm in the UK and A2 hosting in the US - shouldn't I find a web hosting company 'over here?'

This used to be the case but it all depends on where your readers are. My photography site is hosted in the UK as that's where the target audience is but this site is truly international and a great number of you are in 'Freedomland' so it makes sense to be based there. Faster response times, less problems etc. So now we all have whizzbang internet connections what do I notice:

US server when I am in the UK, slower ping which makes pushing a lot of small files a bit more laboroius than it should be.

UK server when I am in the UK: superfast ping, folders full of small files are dealt with much quicker than sending them 4,000 miles in <- that direction.

Tony Coleby,

2017 update: this page used to be an homage to NAME REMOVED. I've been through several web hosts down the years and it seems they are all keen to take your money and then leave you on aging servers until you leave. I had to leave GoDaddy after paying through the nose (does that only work in the Queen's English or do you Americans know what I mean when I say that). The difference in performance, price and features is outstanding. With what I was paying GD I have now split my sites between US and UK hosting as required AND AM PAYING LESS THAN STAYING WITH GODADDY!

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