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Play games online for free. 2atoms presents the best ShockWave games on the Net. Each game has a rating of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being poo and 5 being fantastic. But hey - it's your choice! Watch the file size (eg. 100KB) if you are on dial-up - some of these files can take a few minutes to load. Don't have Macromedia ShockWave? Download it here. Enjoy!
Rally 2100 - Click to play
Rally 2100
(c) Romeo Design.
Drive. Along a straight road. Boring as hell.
Racing 259KB
Super Breakout - Click to play
Super Breakout
(c) Atari.
Bust blocks with your ball. Fnarr.
Blocks 113KB
Teletubbies Mercy Killing - Click to play
Teletubbies Mercy Killing
Kill Teletubbies - need I say more?
Shooting 614KB
Tennis NE1 - Click to play
Tennis NE1
(c) Unknown.
Dire tennis game.
Sport 249KB
Ultimate Dodgeball - Click to play
Ultimate Dodgeball
One-on-one dodgeball.
Sport 169KB
W-Bert - Click to play
Hop on tiles to change their colour. Q-Bert clone.
Puzzle/Arcade 142KB
Web Invaders - Click to play
Web Invaders
Terrible version of Space Invaders.
Shooting 45KB
Web Frog - Click to play
Web Frog
Get your frog safely home, again and again and...
Arcade 141KB
The Whites of their Eyes - Click to play
Whites of their Eyes
Defend Stonehenge against the Spiders from Mars.
Shooting 226KB

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