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Play games online for free. 2atoms presents the best ShockWave games on the Net. Each game has a rating of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being poo and 5 being fantastic. But hey - it's your choice! Watch the file size (eg. 100KB) if you are on dial-up - some of these files can take a few minutes to load. Don't have Macromedia ShockWave? Download it here. Enjoy!


Celebrity Shoot
(c) Compass Global Music
Launch Famous Heads to Famous Targets
Weird ?KB
Bend Over Bin Laden - Click to play
Bend Over Bin Laden
  (C) Freaks on Parade.
 Frag the itinerant Al-qaeda leader!
Shooting 360KB

World Cup Warrior - Click to play
World Cup Warrior
  (C) BBC Sport. Dribble,  Tackle and Shoot your way to Victory!
Football/ Arcade 500KB

3D Net Blazer - Click to play
3D Net Blazer
(c) Unknown.
Shoot some hoops on the basketball court.
Sport 282KB

Atoms game - Click to play
Atoms game
(c) PM Magazin.
Connect Atoms to form Molecules.
Puzzle 101KB

Pacman - Click to play
(c) Article 19.
Eat pills and avoid the ghosts. Classic.
Maze 102KB
3W Video Poker - Click to play
3W Video Poker
(c) 3W Graphic Design.
Play cards for virtual money.
Gambling 256KB
Air Hockey - Click to play
Air Hockey
#1 (c) Unknown.
Pong on Steroids.
Sport 128KB
YATetrys - Click to play
(c) Article 19.
Fit blocks to form lines. Classic arcade action.
Puzzle 34KB
Amok - Click to play
Shoot tin cans before they disappear.
Shooting 537KB
Air Hockey - Click to play
Air Hockey
#2 (c) EZone.
Pong on lager.
Sport 62KB

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