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Gamecube Font

29th July 2003

Nintendo Gamecube font available for download here.

Mario Kart Double Dash

18th May 2003

Nintendo have released a whole host of screenshots and game info their line-up for the coming months including more pics and a video of the latest Mario Kart incarnation for the GameCube. Scroll down for more Double Dash info.

Mario Kart Double Dash Video (Windows Media Video / 583KB).

GameBoy and GameCube Get Goodies

8th May 2003

News from Nintendo of Japan of 2 new add-ons for Japanese Nintendo hardware.

Firstly, a memory card adaptor that reads Secure Digital media, that used in most digital cameras, which means reduced costs and higher capacity for GameCube memory cards, as much as 1GB when the new size SD cards are released. Of course the biggest benefit of all is compatibility - the cards can be read and written to by any PC or Mac (with an appropriate slot). Unfortunately though, only newer games will be coded to make use of the SD adaptor. Shame.

For the GameBoy Advance, comes the e-Reader +, which allows special trading cards to be swiped into the GBA. The barcodes on the cards unlock various extras in games, usually sub-games or animations. The Japanese unit will contain a pass-through port, allowing it to be used whilst connected to other GBAs or a GameCube. The reader will also come with just enough NVRAM to store a single card, reducing the need for swiping the same card again.

It is not yet known whether either product will see a western release - expect details here if and when.

Snake Moves Into Gamecube

8th May 2003

Konami have revealed a deal that will see Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes released on Nintendo hardware. The game, an exclusive MGS title for the Gamecube, will be officially unveiled at the E3 in Los Angeles later this month. It is slated for a Q4 release in the west and a 2004 Q1 release in Japan. This is a very important milestone in the history of game development, as it sees the coming together for the very first time of 2 of the industry's greatest figures namely, Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima. Apparently the storyline of the PlayStation game will be retained but obviously expect seriously improved visuals. Shigsy's role in the project has been more patriarchal than hands-on, the actual coding being left to Silicon Knights, they responsible for the groundbreaking Eternal Darkness.

56% Say Gamecube is Dead

7th May 2003

One in the eye for the Gamecube fanboys over at 56% of voters in our poll registered votes that it is indeed dead.

Gamecube Mario Kart: Double Dash Screens Arrive!

27th April 2003

Here they are - the first views of the game that may well steal years of your life - Mario Kart: Double Dash for Nintendo Gamecube.

Uphill Struggle
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Split Screen View

Luigi and Donkey Kong Battle it Out

Four Way Action

Mario Serves Up

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that each kart has 2 seats! This is in fact because one character does the driving and another does the firing. Another twist on the tried and trusted formula for racing fun. Apparently there are 14 various items to pick up along the way with which to batter your opponents, one specific to each character and six common goodies. But just look at those graphics - lush hi-res trees, tracks, characters. This will of course be the first fully 3-D Mario Kart as the N64 version used sprites for the characters and karts to keep up the frame rate. We here at 2atoms are VERY excited about this game and aim to give as much MKDD info as you can handle in the run up to release day and beyond!

Discuss the Greatest Game Ever.

Gamecube Mario Kart is Ready says Miyamoto!

17th April 2003

Game designer god Shigeru Miyamoto announced this week that Mario Kart for the Gamecube is ready, although screenshots are noticeable by their absence. I guess Shigsy is facing the same dilemma as he did with Zelda: Wind Waker, basically whether to cel-shade or not to cel-shade. We think the cartoon style of the latest Zelda episode would suit Mario Kart down to the ground. Expect screenshots and movies here on 2atoms the second they appear. The NGC version of what is perhaps the greatest game ever will not cater for online play, but will allow a 2 Cube linkup for 8 player games over 2 TV screens. Looks like the 2atoms budget will have to stretch to another 42" TV in that case...

Nintendo Plan Next Console Release

17th April 2003

Rumours have it the big N will attempt to jump the gun with their next console release. Since the SNES, Nintendo have played "You Go First" as far as new machines are concerned. Recently this has resulted in Shigsy and co. losing ground to Sony and now Microsoft, whose X-Box is outselling the Gamecube. Get the news as it happens, here.

Zelda Wind Waker Previewed

19th March 2003

A preview, movies, artwork and screenshots of the biggest GameCube title to date. Nintendo's legendary Link is back: Zelda: Wind Waker.

Sweeping Changes at Nintendo

10th January 2002

The surprising announcement by Nintendo of America founder Minoru Arakawa that he was retiring "effective immediately," on top of the resignation in the past year of two other top executives, could bring sweeping changes to the game company.

The three have set the tone of the company since 1980, and have helped drive it to success in the difficult American video game industry, eventually even surpassing the success of the Japanese parent company.

The retirement of Arakawa may throw the entire Nintendo corporation into confusion, as he was seen as the natural successor to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Nintendo corporate head, who has been talking about retiring himself for years now.

Read more at:

Gamecube Confusion Mounts

8th January 2002

We've had September, July, April... now the latest word from Nintendo is that the Gamecube will be arriving in the UK a 'few weeks' after the start of February. Read more at: