What is Wrong with Magic: The Gathering?

25th June 2003

And then you wind up playing an opponent like chuckchippie. I mean, you think you've played the slimiest, lowest creeps there are to find on Magic The Gathering Online (MTGO) and then you meet him. So, we're having a good game, it's going badly for him due to my Patron Wizard led gang of wizards. So, out of the blue the "Your opponent is asking to adjourn the game " message comes up, followed by this chat:

Moron: " I really dont wanna play you anymore" (sic)

Tone: " So, let me get this right; you're losing, so you want an adjourn? "

Moron: " So can we just adjourn so I can go "

Tone: " Ha ha - good one "

Moron: " k whatever bye "

I think I saw him begin to type the word "like", but I can't be sure.

Tone: " You're so sad "

Moron: " why? I have my lock "

Tone: " Your lock? "

Moron: " but I dont wanna play a game where I need to spend time individually paqying 1 mana for every spell.  THATS WHY MORON " (sic)

Tone: " You are the saddest loser I have EVER played "

So then he decides to get nasty.

Moron: " lol you look like an idiot dude "

After which he decides to ask me to adjourn the game no less than 20 times in as many seconds.

Magic Online is SO much fun! LOL GG

Learn Moron's Magic Online Etiquette with chuckchippie

I am winning = I am losing

You are sad = I am sad

I AM mature (while stamping foot) = Do you think I look mature when I say things like this?

My lock = Your lock

LOL = I grew up in AOL

GG = You lose

ROTFL = I am a fully paid up member of the texting generation


chuckchippie says: " And remember: adjourn, adjourn, adjourn! "

22nd July 2003

So then I get an email this morning, asking me to remove this "slander".


Hello, this is chuckchippie, I'm writing to pleasantly ask you to please

remove you slander about me from your website.


He must be a fairly narcissistic fellow (aside from what I've experienced of him in MTGO), because Google only indexed this page yesterday! He must spend most days entering "chuckchippie" into search engines and then getting hard on the results...

After a quick reminder of the definition of the word "slander" and the fact that I think he deserves this I basically tell him "no". Still, I am open to reason and don't want to be guilty of the kind of behaviour that prompted this whole article. What do you think readers? Am I being too harsh?

25th July 2003

Thinking I may have been alone in my rough treatment, I received a mail from a "Mark" (anonymity requested) this morning which proved me wrong:


Seeing your chuckchippie news was a great laugh! I thought I should share my most recent chuckchippie experience with you for a returned laugh.

The other day Im waiting for a player to sit at my table when who should come sit for a spell but the King of Morons himself chuckchippie. I remembered his name from your article because I've played this tool before and he did the ol' adjourn thing on me as well. I groaned as I clicked ok to start the game, just hoping to see some of his poor-sportsmanship in action so I could refer him to the article about him. Turns out he is playing some Green/Blue Mind's Desire deck. I on the other hand am playing a Blue/Black Mind's Desire deck. My deck consists of sitting there until Im about ready to die and then I kill the poor sap w/a Tendrils of Agony/Mind's Desire/Storm combo. Obviously when it came time to do this and its clear as day Im going to win, he concedes. What!?! No adjourn?!!? Turns out I was not lucky enough to witness my second adjourn fest by the King of Morons. He then proceeds to PM me and tell me that my deck works better with green!?! WTF I thought, this coming from a guy who just concedeed to ME?!?! I then tell him he is a massive tool and that he should check out the article about him on the web, I mean all you have to do is Google the guys name to find it. He then gets in the main casual room chat and says: "<MyUsername> is a crybaby who whines when he loses", which makes no sense seeing as he conceded to me.

This guy cant seem to fathom the concept of a casual loss and is clearly delusional as he claimed to have beat me in the main window.

Well, that is my chuckchippie experience, I just wanted to share it with you so you know it is not a one time thing with the guy and that he is permanently and will always be a bum out.

Sound familiar? Has chuckchippie tried this on you? Let me know!


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