Magic: The Gathering.
" I think toast is an accurate description. "

We present here several articles on Richard Garfield's immensely popular Collectable Card Game. We got bored with this game around 1996, but in July of 2002, Wizards of the Coast finally unveiled MTGO - an online M: TG system that actually worked. Thus interest has been revived. Well, sort of.

In this section, we are using the official Wizards Auto Card function. Where a card name is clearly a link, eg. Giant Growth, clicking will launch a popup with that card's details!


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Magic Online Uninstalled - Life Reclaimed!

June 19th 2003

Well today I had enough. Enough of the whining, the kids, the Adepts, yeah most of all the Adepts. Magic Online has these "school prefect" types, not employed by Wizards of the Coast (the makers of the game) who are put in charge of who is banned and warned in the play rooms. They tend to be wannabe vigilante types, future cops, or even worse traffic wardens in the making. Little is known of the true identity of these Adepts, but in our experience (Tone, Nici and Alan) they have been outright b*stards. Little Hitlers for want of a better term. You know you couldn't even get away with chatting in the game. Using the word fascist or Nazi albeit in an insulting way would get you banned! How do you know you're dealing with a fascist? Call them a fascist and see what happens...

So as of 19:39 BST, Magic Online is uninstalled from this PC.  No more shall the jumped-up little nerds on Magic Online ruin my mood day after day after day!

Naming and Shaming

Adept Gamma - The head honcho of all the nastiest, most spiteful Adepts. Banned me for saying "Gammon is a pig". Subsequently banned me for 48 hours for saying "Hello Gamma".
Adept Meldrak - Would not allow (his words) a conversation about cards costing too much in the casual room as it is "room disruption" and should be taken to a private channel. He was adamant that he "would not allow" this conversation!

I am a fully grown adult who has spent about $70 on this damn game and for the right to use it to play and chat with others. I am NOT a teenager who needs his freedom of speech stripped away by someone one third of his age and who possess one third of his IQ!