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The Gang from Shenmue II (c) SEGAWe love our games here at 2atoms and we know that you do too. Classic games are our thing, games that have stood the test of time, that provide solid, repeatable gameplay regardless of good graphics. If you want eye candy, switch on the TV. In the last 5 or 6 years a new force has been changing the face of electronic gaming. That force is Emulation. Software that allows one computer or console to behave as if it were another. It all started with MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. On February 5th 1997 Nicola Salmoria released version 0.1 of the world's most famous emulator, which now supports over 2,100 romsets. The emulator reads the romset as a datafile, uploaded from the original arcade machine board, and at one time freely available on the Internet. The emulation is so perfect that every tweak and glitch of the original game is retained, allowing millions to relive a misspent youth feeding pocket money to coin-hungry video games. You won't find any ROMs here, although they are around if you know where to look. What you will find though is a review of the most important emulators and links to classic gaming resources.

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Arcade Top 10 - These are the games we spent far too much money on in their original forms as arcade machines. Take a trip down memory lane with us.

Gaming Forum, Discuss Classic Games and what the greatest game of all time is!

Magic: The Gathering - Hints, tips, pricelists, card details, desktops. The collectible card game loved the world over by nerds and cool dudes alike.

Nintendo - Get the latest Nintendo news and previews including Zelda: Wind Waker and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Looking for the Gamecube font?

Virtual Arcade - Play dozens of classic arcade games online right now!

Archives - Older articles covering: Emulation, Consoles and Hardware Reviews.

100 Classic Game Links  - Over 100 classic gaming sites listed in our MASSIVE links section.

PC and Other Technology

Software - Paint Shop Pro 7 reviewed and 3D Heading Maker usable online!

Blu-Ray -  Data storage has always defined the limitations of gaming technology. In the very early 1980s, programmers struggled to squeeze playable games into a memory as small as 1 Kilobyte, (in the case of the ZX81 computer). Nowadays the biggest games come on DVD's holding up to 4.7 GB of data. Well, the next generation of mass storage media is here and it is called Blu-Ray. Holding 27GB of data on a single side of a disc, it raises some very interesting possibilities for games players and techno-junkies alike.

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Video Games ARE Good for You - " Claims a study in American science journal Nature! I cannot believe there are STILL people out there who believe that computer games are a "Bad Thing" and that all gamers are geeks. Part of the reason for the explosion in the games industry in the last decade has been the demystifying of computer games and the production of titles for the mainstream - ordinary, sociable kids and young adults.

Of course using your reflexes, survival instincts and initiative in a virtual world improves those skills in the real world, in the same way that working out in a gym makes you fitter to cope with life's physical strains.

I have to add one bad point though. My driving (in the real world that is) has definitely taken a turn for the worse recently since playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for a whole week... "

Published on BBC Talking Point / 29th May 2003, Tone.

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OutRun 2 Arcade Game Announced. Stop Press! There is going to be an OutRun 2 arcade game. SEGA, bless your gaming heart!

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