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Video Games ARE Good for You

29th May 2003

Claims a study in American science journal Nature! I cannot believe there are STILL people out there who believe that computer games are a "Bad Thing" and that all gamers are geeks. Part of the reason for the explosion in the games industry in the last decade has been the demystifying of computer games and the production of titles for the mainstream - ordinary, sociable kids and young adults.

Of course using your reflexes, survival instincts and initiative in a virtual world improves those skills in the real world, in the same way that working out in a gym makes you fitter to cope with life's physical strains.

I have to add one bad point though. My driving (in the real world that is) has definitely taken a turn for the worse recently since playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for a whole week...

Published on BBC Talking Point / 29th May 2003, Tone.

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Idiots Screw Up - More Idiots Fooled

15th May 2003

Microsoft had planned an April Fool joke with a fake product announcement in the form of the I-Loo, that is, a toilet with internet access. The announcement via MSN, came in late April, which obviously lent the joke more credence. So it seems that more were fooled than originally planned. I mean come on people - one wall of the I-Loo was going to be transparent, could nobody see through this whole thing? Special Reserve fell for it hook, line and sinker...

Name This Mystery Game Tune!

8th March 2002

For God's sake put us out of our misery! Nici has been whistling this game tune tonight and she can't even tell me what it is (what a rock 'n' roll lifestyle we lead....not). She knows that it was a Commodore 64 game, it was on cassette, dates from around 1985, isometric 3D. She remembers it had a hundred levels and that there was a competition to be the first person to do them all. After every level was a minotaur boss and the game play was adventure/ puzzle. There were death's-heads (flying winged skulls) in the game. The title was some sort of wordplay on "knight" and "night" but beware, this may have not been in the case in the English version - the one Nici played was in France.

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If you can identify this game let us know, and get your name up in lights. Or something.

The Sims Get a Break At Last

12th January 2002

Maxis have announced the latest add-on for The Sims. Entitled Sims: The Vacation, it will allow to take your virtual entities for a much needed break on a holiday island. Read more at