Thinking of Shopping at Game?
Then think again...

Loyalty Works in One Direction Only It Seems

You shop at a store, you get the loyalty card, you buy every Nintendo console on launch day at that store and when you get rid of your old games, you trade them in at that store for convenience rather than sell them on eBay. You find out a definite release date for the Nintendo Wii so you go to the store, you register your interest, your name's on the list to pre-order. You wait. And wait. And wait. No contact made. You get worried. You go to the store and discover that your name is on the list but they didn't bother to contact you so that you could come in and put a deposit down to reserve a Nintendo Wii.

At no time does stuck-up manageress of store apologise to you.

1 Loyal customer who spent thousands in the last 6 years at this chain - gone.

An apology goes a long way toward appeasing a customer!