FIFA 2005.
PS2 Leaderboard Statisitcs

22nd February 2005

For those of you who enjoy playing EA's latest footy romp online, I've done a little digging into the PS2 leaderboard. As you will know if you've tried to view the leaderboard via a browser or the in-game menus, EA don't seem keen to let you view any part of the top 10,000 let alone get any statisitcs from the leaderboard as a whole. Well it's really very easy if you know how, though I won't reveal the details as EA's FIFA server is bogged-down at the best of times - in fact, I would guess that the same server is used for FIFA 2005 on all 3 platforms (PS2, XBOX and PC) and for the forums.

So here's what I've discovered, bear in mind that I've only analysed the top 10,000 players as the others aren't actually really ranked:

Points Needed to Rank: 592
Highest Ranked DNF%: 60% (jazdartnell)
Average DNF%: 8.26%
Players with 0% DNF: 16%
Average No. Games Abandoned 8
Most Games Played: 2284 (woodfoot)
Average Ranking Points: 1,001
Average Games Played: 111
Average Wins: 60
Average Draws: 19
Average Defeats: 32
Fist Alphabetical Persona: A AACHEN
Last Alphabetical Persona: ZZZP
Rank and Points Junction: 1453 Pts / Position 1453
Average Pts Gained Per Game: 9.63

* If following the links to the EA website fail, please log-in at the EAsports website then return.

Unfortunately there's no info. available for AOR (Average Opponent Ranking) as this isn't listed in the Leaderboard itself. Feel free to get in touch about these stats: email. If you'd like to look me up in the game my username is: T0NElmn.

Data Grab: 21st Feb 05 20:01 GMT