Classic Gameware Resurrected

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Emulation Scene Update

October 1998

Well, much has happened on the emulator scene since I last put finger to keyboard. New versions of Callus, System16 have appeared, as well as preliminary Neo Geo emulators. But perhaps the best news for us has been the update of ZSNES. You might guess from the name that ZSNES is a SNES emulator and a very good one it is too. On our P200+ with ATI RAGE PRO II GFX it runs at full speed with 22K sound on a lot of games including Super Mario World. And that's good enough for now! It certainly eclipses SNES9x for speed and matches it for supported games. The joys of Nintendo are alive once again in the Insomnia household - thank you ZSNES!

The new versions of SNES9X are here and the news is (as you will know yourself if you are an emulator aficionado) is that it smells. The GUI simply crashes on exit and SFX support is there in that the cart will run (very slowly), but that's it! No, ZSNES still reigns supreme!

The Emulation Scene is thriving at the moment, but with ROMs becoming increasingly hard to come by, the outlook may be bleak for classic gaming fans. Nintendo and Sega have both been clamping down on ROM sites recently and although there are ROMs still out there, they are getting harder to find. Never fear though, as long as a ROM or two floating around then you can be sure to find them linked on our quality Links page. ;-) Aren't we lovely? Aah...