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Sleepless. (c) N. C 2001Runners-up and worthy mentions...

These games came close, or at least deserve a moment of misty-eyed remembrance: Exerion (now supported by MAME), Nemesis (Gradius) 3. And some mysterious game that I used to play in the Las Vegas arcade on Wardour Street in 1990. I have never seen the game anywhere else, and would dearly love to play it again. It was an overhead view fantasy game. You could choose your character and it had dragons and chests and the usual dungeon stuff including a massive vampire-type final boss. What is this game called? Will anybody ever emulate it? I wanna know! Well it's all over bar the shouting and absolutely sure your own top ten would vary greatly from mine, but taste is a very individual thing is it not? If you have any information which I've omitted or just want to and agree, disagree, reminisce, say hello or whatever feel free to get in touch.

Update: That game with the dragons and chests and fantasy heroes and that - it was Gate of Doom. And what fun I've had playing it for the first time in years thanks to MAME.

The 2atoms All Time Arcade Top 10

10: Gauntlet
9: Galaga
8: R-Type
7: Super Space Invaders
6: Tetris
5: 1943 
4: King of Dragons
3: Out Run
2: Tehkan World Cup
1: Darius


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