No. 2: Tehkan World Cup
World Class Football (Soccer) Action from Tehkan

Tehkan World Cup. Tehkan (c.1985).Tehkan World Cup, Tehkan (1985). Football games come and go, with better graphics, real players, 4-play etc. but all soccer games (as it's known across the pond) really need are a few pixels and a decent control method. Most footie games utilise an eight-way joystick and half a keyboard full of buttons. Tehkan World Cup transcended this with its large trackball and single fire button. The direction and velocity of the ball was controlled by one swipe of the trackball and sometimes a single button press. This made for a game that was instantly playable yet difficult to master. The trackball could take quite a bit of damage too - often leading to games where brute strength prevailed over skill. I played this game almost daily for a couple of years, and there was this bloke , fairly well-built, who used to smash the ball from his own penalty area towards my goal, often with deadly accuracy. Damn him. He was the only opponent who beat me more often than I beat him.

There was a joystick version of this game which seemed a bit pointless to me, as the beauty of Tehkan World Cup was the analogue nature of the trackball. Playing the game in MAME this way (analogue control is not yet supported), seems to make things rather easier. Therefore my record victory with the default settings (14-0 against the first team, in 1 minute 30 seconds play time), now seems rather tame.

Features: Simple, addictive, palm-bruising football fun with just a single button!

Other Notes: This game was also known as Mexico '86, to tie in with the Football World Cup of that year.

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