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This is where you get your name in lights (well electrons anyway). Simply send us in your own submissions for Worst of the Web and we'll list them here.

Warning! No website can guarantee to be 100% BAD, 2atoms will not be held responsible if any of these links actually turn out to be good.

Who knows, maybe we'll give out T-Shirts or something for any suggestions that are bad enough to earn a full review? Submit a Worst of the Web site.

Last Updated: February 19th 2004.

Anonymous of Somewhere, UK suggests this:

Username: cv
Password: interesting

Now down. Unfortunately we were sworn to secrecy over how this little masterpiece was discovered but the fact that it's a CV (Americans: read 'resume') suggests the man is looking for employment.

Nici (yes our very own Nici) suggests:

'Overdesigned' is Nici's one word review. Spot on. Another mystery meat navigation system, "Click cube to navigate" - dammit how much money did you waste on this Flash extravaganza?!

A hastily scribbled note on the back of a beermat from Andrea suggests:

Hmm I see what you mean Andrea. There's a load of well, stuff from some people called Bryan and Andrea and it's WAIT! Andrea. Why does that name ring a bell?

From FDuston: 

At least it does what it says - no disappointment here.

Someone called 'Maximus' (this time) suggested:

"The Experience" (again) - you're not getting 2 links matey ;)

From Mitch Snider:

Ok my friend and I made this site intending for it to make no sense what-so-ever, turns out that people get to the point that they actually get pissed off because they think it is so dumb, that's the point so just check it out.

Hmm, I'm not too sure about this suggesting your own site thingy here. It's getting that most of the websites here are being suggested by the miscreants that wrote them. Pretty soon we'll have a global industry in fake crap websites. Or something. Tone

Bill Walshe simply says "Wow" on this one:

Well I actually like it Bill. Is it yours? Pity, 'cos we're into serial killers and that and psychotic art. I'll leave the link here as it is your page dear readers but for the record I don't think it's a "Worst" Tone.

Josef Suggested:

He says "Blah blah blah..." read it all here.

We agree Josef. We'll give it a full review in the new year. 2 Atoms, what kind of a name is that anyway?

Geek Loser Suggested:

Geek says:

" Website is titled 'THE Experience'. One of the worst designed pieces of **** I have come across. It is top of the readers review list at because the owner has voted for himself nearly 2000 times! What a loser. "

I looked at it Geek and sure it definitely is bad, but then again it's up against some stiff competition!

Joanne Hamilton Suggested:

Joanne says: " NOTHING EVER WORKS, POP-UP WINDOWS TO LOGIN (That also never work), SCRIPT ERRORS ON PAGES, MIS-DIRECTED LINKS. For a company that serves so many, you would think they could afford to hire decent programmers and testers. "

I sense some anger there Joanne! 

Blade Suggested:

City Wrestling Federation - Which is given a full review!

Gav of General Bookshop Suggested: - Gav says "This is the most insipid thing we've found yet!"
Update: The site is now password protected -sadly!

Aaron Bowman Suggested:

"Strangely funny, but ultimately terrible" says Aaron. And that just about says it all really...

Daylay Suggested:

"The Home Page of the North American Man/Boy Love Association..."

Alan Spring Suggested:

The website of the 3rd 45/0 Group who are rail enthusiasts. Hang on Alan - aren't you a member...?

" Featuring images and info about aspects of Urban Adventure, drain exploration, college tunnels, abandoned buildings, catacombs and other Urban Exploration around the world. "

Peter Bartelt Suggested:

BLOCKDEATH A Museum of Horrors

" Hallelujah I can see where I pee! "

bodyperks (tm) - nipple enhancers - DN

The famous crooning child. Terrible in a very entertaining way.

It's Jesus. Jesus of the week. We like Peter's submission so much that it doesn't count as Worst of the Web because although the subject matter is exactly what we're looking for, the site is great! But hey if you have a 2atoms sense of humour you'll enjoy it!

Have you found worse? Then let us know.

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