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16th May 2005

Whoa hold it right there! No that's no mistake the domain name really is 62 characters long! Now, it certainly does catch the eye (and in some cases crash the browser) but think about the problems you're going to have with that name...

Scene: A shop somewhere in the mountains. It's made out of logs and shit. The shopkeepers got one of them lumberjacks shirts on - you know, the red and black ones. He's got a beard. And a dog. And probably some dead animals and crap on the wall. A customer stands the other side of a wooden counter from him as he hands over a package.

" There you go sir, enjoy your purchase. "

The customer smiles and moves towards the door.

" Oh just one more thing sir. " The shopkeeper calls after him. " If you're interested, we also have a website!?"

The customer pauses and looks back. " Oh yes? "

" Yes, it's double-you double-you double-you dot modest apparel christian clothing lydia of..."

Sound of footsteps, a door slamming and a car engine roaring into life...

" ...purple dresses custom sewing dot com! "

The shopkeeper sighs deeply and wonders why he never, ever, ever sells anything via his website.

16th May 2005 (c) A.C 2atoms.com

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