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What the HELL do those dots represent? Tch...Magnetic North

16th May 2003

Well, apparently Magentic Design are a design company. You can tell they are a design company because their web site navigates worse than Vasco da Gama with his eyes shut. Jesus, what IS it with these fancy web designers? To see one of their sample sites you have to nail down a floating dot that has no text nor indication what the hell it is until you manage to "catch" it! This is the kind of crap that makes gullible fools with loads of money to spend on a slick website go "Ooooh that looks good." But has the rest of us clicking the [X] in the top right-hand corner of the browser window faster than you can say "bad website". People will walk away from your site because they JUST CAN'T NAVIGATE IT!

Here at 2atoms, we are no web design gurus by any stretch of the imagination. We haven't been doing this for very long and we'll never win any design awards. But we know the basics and they are navigation and bandwidth. People will not stay on your site if it is unfriendly or takes too long to load - it is as simple as that.

One last trend that this website follows is the "cool" background music. Irritating as hell. This is a website not a fecking trendy cafe, not a lift, not a supermarket - so shut the muzak up! My speakers are dedicated to music of my choice, not yours!

Now, if you turn your ear to the north, I'm sure you'll hear the pony-tailed, Audi TT driving monkeys over at Magnetic Design choking on their latte, crying "Wah! Have you seen that 2atoms.com site? Where is the Flash? Where is the mystery meat navigation?" Sorry folks we don't that. Except when we're taking the piss that is.

Update, August 2007: I've been asked to take this page down, as apparently the site isn't like that any more. Well of course that would kill the sport dead. Instead I'll merely point this out and there's no point providing a link any more. Besides, stuff like this isn't publicly archived - how are we to learn, if not from our mistakes?! Tone

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