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The Chapel Family Webpage

17th April 2003

I just had to break my schedule to add this monster of a website here. People, there are some considerations to be made when publishing on the web and the most important is BANDWIDTH! This single page (warning do not click if you are on dial-up!) comprises 9 images totaling nearly 6 MB in size!!! Do you know how long that would take to download on dial-up? Hmmm? I'll tell you - about 25 frigging minutes!!! For one page! All the images are saved with minimal compression to enable us to see all the fine detail on the "Barbie's First Whorehouse" packaging on the settee, and the precise expression of complete boredom on Grandma's face. This is the single most bloated web page I have ever seen in my life. Can you imagine what this man's friends said when they visited his site?

" Bob I looked at yer website."
" What did you think old buddy? "
" Well, my computer crashed. "
" It did what now? "
" It darn crashed on me. Spent 20 darn minutes loading the darn page and then it upped and crashed on me! Purty pictures though..."
" Heck I guess I must have been hacked by the Arabs or something..."
" Yep, I guess so..." 

That aside - the pictures are very enlightening. A chilling insight into an American family's Christmas. The presents (barely unwrapped), the furnishings, the wonderful people...

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