Jim Morrison.
Virtual Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, yesterday. Well about 30-odd years ago then.James "Indian" Morrison was without doubt one of the most influential rock musicians to emerge from the hippy culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Although of course he didn't emerge, he died. In a bath. In Paris. Fat.

Interview Jim Morrison!

3rd April 2003

Indian Indian, why did you die? So sang Jim Morrison on the Doors unreleased opus " Indians and Why They Died ". And who knows? Perhaps they took too much acid, or something. Anyway, through the magic of the Internet, we have uploaded Jim's soul to our web server, where he sits, enshrined forever on our website, ready to answer any question you may care to throw at him. Click a question to ask Jim:

Jim, hello. How are you these days?

Jim, you were taken from this world suddenly and abruptly, no time to find inner peace. Do you yourself still have issues or questions that need answering?

Jim, how do you counter the argument that you only ever worked when completely stoned?

Jim, what did you miss most about being alive?

Jim, what are you views on the war in Iraq?

Jim, do you think that Arsenal will retain their Premiership title this season?

Jim, are you in heaven or hell?

Jim, do you ever stop talking about dead Indians, like - ever?!

Jim, can you write me a poem, like right now please? Preferably without mentioning dead Indians?

Jim, sing the theme tune to "You and Me" please.

Jim, is it true you wrote the theme tune to the popular 1970s kids' program "Rainbow"? Can you sing it for us?  Oh go on, please!

Jim must rest now, come back later. Jim shall rise again. Ask Jim a specific question.


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