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Interview with Tony Blair

September 2002

Now Tony do exactly as I say - raise your left hand and smile - No your left hand, your left hand dammit! (c) AP 2002

2atoms: Mr. Blair, welcome.

GWB: Welcome!

2atoms: Oh OK, Mr Blair welcome to you too.

TB: ..a...

GWB: And a welcome back.

2atoms: OK Mr. President as you seem so keen to start, can I first of all ask you - what prompted you to accompany Mr. Blair to this interview today?

GWB: The kid needs support. (Cheesy grin) In case he screws up! (laughs)

2atoms: (Laughs politely)

GWB: No I'm serious. I've read a couple of reports on how the United Kingdom of England is thinking about pussying out of a fight with the Iraqis - I wouldn't want the kid to say anything wrong now.

2atoms: (Laughs nervously, but politely)

TB: Can I just...?

GWB: No. You shoulda gone to the John before we started Tony - why do you always do this?

TB: (Winces and shrinks in his seat)

2atoms: Right well I have some questions here, most of them relate to British ministerial policy so I don't know if you'll be able to answer all of them...

GWB: (Puts hand on Blair's shoulder) I'll try!

2atoms: OK...Mr Blair, British policy towards the so-called harbour of terror Middle-East countries such as Libya, Iraq and Pakistan seems to be softening recently, and a possible resumption of diplomatic links with Libya have been mooted by Foreign Office Minister Mike O'Brien. Do you think that this is the way forward, or should all who are seen to "harbour terror" be dealt with in the same fashion?

TB: (Clears his throat and straightens up) Now I -

GWB: Aah screw 'em. Bomb the freaking lot of 'em. Freaking desert scum - death's too good for 'em.


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