Pavel Srneck
Pavel bring plenty comedy picture - you laugh!

It is I, Pavel Srnck, famous political comedy refugee from East. Many peoples have come to be here today. (c) 2003Hello! My name Pavel, Pavel Srneck. I bring here plenty comedy picture make you laugh. I come country Eastern Europe she call Zblavlatistan. You no hear? Is small country, on no map. In fact when I leave, population is almost disappear overnight. My country, her principal export is string, stones and Pavel. Thank you.


Pavel first comedy picture is lovely office lady

Pavel always happy look at picture  lovely lady especially when is many pretty lady! Here lady happy because can put leg in air! Is good no? You click for big.

Here other picture lady but with man who happy have arms near lady! You click for big.

Pavel explain comedy here for simple mind westerners: Man take photo of lady, lady lift leg - joke on man! Man run in front of camera and say "OK lady you have leg but I have ARM - I win!" Think about this.

Pavel - I come another time soon.

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