Osama bin Laden. Sammy B of Al-Qaeda fame speaks out at last

Welcome Infidels!

Monday March 17th 2003

" Er, I phone friend please Chris "

I am your host Sammy B and I welcome you to this, my first homepages on the interweb. Sorries already for the bads english and the spellings mistake, is very dark here in cave!

In light of some of bad press me and friend Saddam have been get lately, I thought it be good idea for me `get wired` and go online with my very own web pages internet thing. Tell our side of story you know, anyway here it is, hope you like!


This page last update: today, therefore I still alive! Look! Is live picture up there!

Here is links to my favourite sites of web!

FBI Top 10 Fugitives (They have spell my bloody name wrong!)

Sesame Street Workshop (with Bert)

Afghanistan Online (Homepage of my home-from-home)

Here is some of things I like to do:

Terrorism Ever Since I was young I have been very interested in terrorism.

Eat Small Children No no no! I only joking! Just go to show you can't believe everything you read on Interweb. Ha, ha, ha.

Sesame Street Now everybody know I not too keen on Western entertainment, but I really dig that groovy muppets on Sesame Street! I learn much English from this show (and maths too). She is one hell of a show, especially the Bert. He is soooo evil! Sometimes he support me with terrorist actions and stuff.

You Want to See Sammy's Photo Album? Of course, see Sammy's photos.

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