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Hiya!? I'm Miss, Little Miss Information. This week I'm gonna tell you all about Science, 'cos it's like, really important yeah?

Lil’ Miss Information – Science

11th July 2003

  • Scientists can make your baby look like Leonardo De Caprio or Claudia Schiffer if you want to.
  • GM food is called Frankenstein Food ‘cause its made out of tiny little bits from all kinds of other foods patched together. You could only see it if you had a microscope. It’s really scary and poisonous if you eat too much of it.
  • Light goes so fast that you would need at least 100 Porsches at top speed to catch up with it, honestly I read it in Cosmo!
  • If you go round the earth the wrong way time goes backwards and if you’d go really fast you end up in prehistoric times.
  • Scientists like, use mice in their experiments ‘cause they are our closest cousins if you compare our blood to theirs.
  • DNA is great as it is like little Lego blocks and we are made out of it and if you put someone’s sperm on a slide and stick it on a computer, you get a picture of them or something.

Luv, Lil Miss Information

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