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Hiya!? I'm Miss, Little Miss Information. This week I'm gonna tell you all about the Internet, 'cos it's like, really important yeah?

Lilí Miss Information Ė The Internet

9th April 2003

The Internet is run by a company called Google.

You give them a word and they make a website for you.

They watch what you click and tell you what to do next.

At work, men can see everything you watch on the Internet.

They like it when you watch kittens but not when you watch ladiesí boobies.

If you watch more than 3 boobies in 1 day you get the sack.

I think you can watch 5 kittens before you get told off.

Women that run websites have black hair.

I donít like them.

Internet Explorer is American and Netscape comes from Saddam Hussein.

Email is when you send pictures of boobies and kittens to your friends but without paper.

Over 500 emails are sent around the world every day!

Computers are made in Washington but iMacs are made in France, that is why they look so gay.

President Bush doesnít like it when you buy an iMac because they slow down the Internet and he canít see what you click Ė itís true!

It is illegal to talk to 14 year old girls on the Internet, even if you are a 14 year old girl.

The best place on the Internet is

I like clothes.

Luv, Lil Miss Information

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