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Hiya!? I'm Miss, Little Miss Information. This week I'm gonna tell you all about America, 'cos it's like, really important yeah?

tHE fLAG oF teh  americaLil’ Miss Information – America

4th July 2003

  • America is so big that like, England would fit into a million times!
  • America is next to Ireland
  • America is part of the United States
  • The biggest state  is called Washington because the President lives there
  • Americans are the biggest people in the world! Some of them are 15 feet tall!
  • In American you must carry a gun or you will get arrested
  • Americans love rugby, but they call it football. It must be all the crack they eat.
  • The opposite of America is called Russia, but that doesn't exist any more because they all moved to Afghanistan or somewhere
  • The President of America is called Bill Clinton
  • American's don't like Osama bin Laden 'cos like, he dissed their mothers, or something
  • They also don't like Saddam Hussein, because like, he said he had some weapons or something, and then they killed him, and he didn't have any weapons, so like, they got really embarrassed and now they need to find another country with some oil in it or they will run out of money. Or something.
  • Every year they have a party with crack and cakes to show how good they are, I think it is on September the 11th or something.

This is boring, can I go shopping now?

Luv, Lil Miss Information

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