The world's number 1 wooden biscuit!

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Holzenkekse - Nieuw! New from the makers of "Nuts the Wooden Fruit" comes this wonderfully delicious yet healthy snack.

Holzenkekse (Literally "Wooden Biscuits" are the Number One selling brand of Snack Bar in the Benelux countries! With no fancy flavourings, no teeth-rotting and no colourings, Holzenkekse are the perfect mid-morning munch for the health conscious worker. Over 99% fibre guarantees that there will be no traffic jams in your colon tomorrow morning!

Try a Holzenkekse today! Your body will say Danke Schoen!

From 2atoms Industries (2atoms.com)

Available to buy from 'Cult of Crap' real soon!

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