Fun Downloads.
Well, we mean crap downloads

This is your computer on drugs. Next time someone offers to email you an EXE file you won't forget - just say NO! (c) A.C 2003
Next time the IT guy says the server is down, just ask yourself how high it was to start with...

Hey kids! Ask any internet supremo what the 2 biggest threats to western society are and he'll tell you: emulators and drugs. And hey - who are we to disagree? So here you are then, 3 drug emulators:

Download the Effects of Alcohol emulator

Download the Effects of Ecstasy emulator

Download the Effects of LSD emulator

Tetris on Drugs. Fully playable Tetris clone that simulates block-stacking under various substance-induced states. Recommended!

All of these files are zipped, so download them, open up the file and double-click on the EXE file inside. These are all virus free, so if your PC spazzes up, it's not our fault, it's probably just old or something.