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We've been running advertising and sponsors' messages on the site since late May 2004. The most lucrative of these for us so far has been Google AdSense. However, there are limitations, especially that sometimes Google displays totally inappropriate ads on many pages due to the nature of the way it scans pages for suitable keywords. That's wasting our time and space and an ad opportunity for another advertiser.

We have several spaces available to hire, the largest and most prominent is the top banner (468x60 pixels). Then, on most pages (all the heavily-visited ones) there is space for a skyscraper graphic ad or series of text ads (160x600). Lastly we have room for text links in the contents panel to the left of practically every page on Each text block is a minimum of around 160x20 pixels in size.

We are very flexible with regards to making a package that suits you and at the moment we do not have any restrictions on the type of advertising offered on

We look forward to helping your business expand!

If you are interested in advertising on, you can get in touch.