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5th November 2018

New Eurpoean server.

What's the deal with the stairs that lead to nowhere in Cambodia?

For Australians looking to play casinos online, be sure to read expert casino reviews, before deciding where to deposit.

22nd January 2018

Happy new year! Some new reviews are up on the blog here: Everything new will appear there as well as an overdue return of Worst of the Web!

So what exactly IS this site? Good question. Picture the scene: Brighton, 1996... I'd just got one of them there internet CDs (AOL if you must know) and a 14K modem (whoosh!) and knocked up my firstest ever webpage. As you can see evidently my web design skills haven't really come on all that much in the last 21 years.

I was asked to make a small website for University of Brighton Sub Aqua Club and discovered Geocities (90s free webspace Gods!) so made Insomnia which was essentially my first steps in writing stuff for an online audience. Through a few name changes and eventually in 2003 I scraped all the dirt off the bottom of all that came before it and dumped it here, at Fun fact: of all domain names ever registered, this one was in the first 1.5% by my best calculations. So, age before beauty, right?

As for the content, well it's...anything and everything really. I totally neglected to add any new content for about a decade but people still kept visiting: almost 4 million visits now. I know?! Why? How?

And that's where we are now. A website so out-of-date that it's actually kind of in again. In a retro/ cringey way I'll admit, yes. So after 21 years of typing nonsense then hitting POST, I've decided to resurrect this zombie. Sit tight.

These days I'm a photographer in March, Cambridgeshire. That link goes to that site. You might find it pretty, you might not. Only you can decide.

Tony Coleby, 4th September 2017

September 4th 2017: new review of Digital Timer Socket with Random and Summer Time, Programmable Timer.

A few reviews for you written by Tony including this great RAGU RG-01 Projector and a very reasonably priced AODIN Android Smart TV Box.

August 31st 2017: we have moved to super fast servers in the US and the site is now even quicker.


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